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just so you know what is going on in my country right now:

  • votes came in for independence 45% yes 55% no
  • media very “”no”” centred and bias
  • unionists are now attacking yes voters
  • a seventeen year old girl has been stabbed
  • they are burning our saltire giving nazi salutes
  • our first minister resigns

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Dont forget how the no campaign terrified the eldery into supporting them and not even a full day after the No victory they turned round and denied to sign “The Vow” for more powers to Scotland.

Fucking disgraceful. The last time my country turned down independence we got Thatcher, i wonder just how badly we’ll get shafted now.

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So, there’s a writing advice post going around. I’m not going to link to it for various reasons, but there’s a conversation happening there about women having multiple orgasms being “unrealistic” and how there has to be a specific reason (like an aphrodisiac or something) for it…